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Giving Back

YouTube Favourites

9th August 2017 12 Views

These are some of my favourite YouTube channels for laughs,

About Shana Kay

6th August 2017 40 Views

Name: Shana Kay Derman Date of Birth: 16 May Word: Succeed Feeling:


6th August 2017 8 Views

Giving is easy, or so I thought until 2008 when

Business Portfolio

6th August 2017 15 Views

Business #4: The International Digital Accreditation Association (TIDAA) Founded: 2016


6th August 2017 0 Comments 23 Views

Writing – One of my many passions – writing about

Talks this month

6th August 2017 13 Views

This month marks Women’s month and there are a few


4th August 2017 12 Views

Get out of our heads and do. Get out of