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Global Blockchain Congress – Speaker and Panel Facilitator (2018) PURCO SA – Closing Keynote (2018) Women in Technology – Speaker (2016) SSUD – Pitch (2017) (

Lessons when hiring technical people

Since 2004 (first company), I’ve been interacting with developers, as one myself and managing many. Over the years, I have started to notice a trend. (These are all personal interactions with developers across the board, locally and internationally, junior and senior.) There are very few great developers who are so passionate about coding and care …

Domain lovers, or travel sites, this one is for you

I am as obsessed about buying domains as I am about my son, my husband and my business. But, with no time to develop the sites, I am selling them. Make me an offer. I’ve owned these domains for years. They need a showcase. Could you be the one? Buy …