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23rd September 2017 18 Views

Lately, I’ve been doing my fair share of pitching. Whether

YouTube Favourites

9th August 2017 14 Views

These are some of my favourite YouTube channels for laughs,

About Shana Kay

6th August 2017 41 Views

Name: Shana Kay Derman Date of Birth: 16 May Word: Succeed Feeling:


6th August 2017 9 Views

Giving is easy, or so I thought until 2008 when

Business Portfolio

6th August 2017 16 Views

Business #4: The International Digital Accreditation Association (TIDAA) Founded: 2016


6th August 2017 8 Views

Check back regularly for updates on resources I find and


6th August 2017 0 Comments 24 Views

Writing – One of my many passions – writing about

Talks this month

6th August 2017 14 Views

This month marks Women’s month and there are a few


4th August 2017 13 Views

Get out of our heads and do. Get out of