COVID19 Easter Edition

Last night the President of South Africa announced an extension of the 21 day lockdown in order to ensure the curve is flattened. This means that the lockdown will “end” / “soften” at the end of April 2020.

My family has been in self-quarantine since the 17 March 202o, as I was overseas and managed to get back just before the travel lockdown. This means we have been in lockdown for 3.5 weeks already.

The lockdown is challenging. Tempers are flaring. Children are demanding. Social media posts are filled fill all kinds of prejudicial nuances and at the same time it allows freedom to connect.

Balance at home, what the bleep is that? Between breakfast preparation, cleaning up, home-schooling, laundry, lunch preparation, trying to “work”, extra-mural activities, dinner preparations, cleaning up some more and more weekend cleaning stuff.

Child-entertainment of one who has no siblings causing “parental-stand-in-extra-time” may be the most challenging of all.

Yup, the lockdown has been a challenge.

But …..

I have nothing to complain about, I am warm, fed, homed, loved. My challenge is mental as with everyone struggling with not freaking out about a global pandemic and balancing not freaking out with my kid or husband. The other challenge is also trying to get new clients in the online space, which is now on the increase.

So what next?

It’s Easter weekend, and somehow, most of us forgot it is a public holiday. Easter was “cancelled” prior lockdown (and now due to the lockdown) to people groups of people from congregating in masses. It is also Pesach so many families are not spending it together.

So what?!? As much as I would love to hang out over festive lunches, I remember that there are 100’s of thousands of people, living in proximity and are at such a high risk of infection and death and most importantly have instantly loss their incomes.

So whenever I think of being isolated (not really because of a phone and the internet), or not hanging out with my family and friends, I think of those who are at high risk.

All we can do is take things one day at a time. One issue at a time. Stay inside. Sanitise. Online order. Keep cool and try not to turn to vices such as sugar or alcohol.

So to all the front-line heroes, thank you for doing the jobs that protect us. #COVID19, go bleep yourself.