Wishing for time

When I put my baby to bed at night, as I sit on our rocking chair, rocking away, holding the bottle, usually in the dark, my mind is suddenly made aware of where it has gone. Most times, it is randomly reviewing the day and I have to stop myself. The crazy part is that my mind was nowhere near work 5 minutes before the process began, but somehow it automatically went there.


I then stop myself, and one of two things happen. My intended gratitude blog post starts “writing” in my mind, or I simply give gratitude for the positives of the day and my life in general. Any stress of the days thoughts dissipate as I take in the moment that is present, my sweet toddler lying in my lap drinking away and my feelings of gratitude for health, love, family, friends and business.

My brain then says … “oh how i wish my thoughts would transcribe directly to my blog”. I have so many things I’d like to remember and note, but by the end of the feeding/sleep session, I am so exhausted my thoughts hardly make it into the world (in any format).

My wish for 2015 is to spend more time on the things that really matter. My family, friends and making business time as efficient as I can make it, are high priority items on my agenda.

So … for 2015, I wish for you, achievement of #insertyourgoalhere.

Happy 2015 and this year, do what makes you happy. That’s my intention anyway.

Ciao for now,
Shana Kay Derman