Vision Boards

Visual is my name, vision boarding, my game. I’ve discovered the art of creating vision boards. I have a few all over my apartment. One for my personal goals and growth, one for business goals, one for stuff, yes I said stuff (“,). The art of creating a vision board is not only  fun process to go through, but helps me identify what it is exactly that I want out of life. It also reminds me daily to keep my eye on the prize (prizes in my case).

I’ve developed a three stage process in vision boarding. What you will need for this is:

  • magazines/old books/newspaper etc.
  • push pin board / flip chart
  • vision board
  • push pins / sticky stuff
  • push pin board / flip chart
  • gratitude board

The first stage is the most fun. Some people prefer to do stage one and two together, I prefer to do them separately. This is the stage where we collect our words, pictures, etc, that will be used on the vision board. At this stage, (find an afternoon to do this), find a comfy spot to sit (couch, floor, etc.) and have your pile of material with you.

Start flipping through the magazines/books and tear or cut out words, photos, phrases which appeal to you. Even if they are random at this stage, grab the headlines of interest. Once you have gone through as much material as you need, you have your “goals” for your vision board.

Before gluing or pinning them to the board, you may want to arrange them into order of importance first.

To be continued ….