Blast from the past, how things have changed since 2011?

Searching for IntelliCred videos, I came across this video uploaded on the 19th of April, 2011 (although recorded prior to that) while working on the Old Mutual “Do Great Things” campaign. How things have changed.

We went from a 2 partner software development company, to a 4 partner software development company with 40 staff by the time I left in 2011. In addition, I am onto my third business, product, not service business this time and three partners with a smaller team. I am a mom now too, oh and married. How much has changed since 2011?

2011 vs. 2015

  • Single vs. married
  • First business vs. third business
  • Childless vs. mom to a wonderful toddler
  • Based in Cape Town vs. based in Johannesburg

How things have changed yet stayed the same. I still work really hard, love technology and connecting people and want to build a product that will take the world by storm. That’s all.