2018 F**k resolutions, say hello to goals instead

Why do resolutions have such a ….. well, negative connotation, in my opinion anyway? Maybe, because as human beings (and according to science) when it comes to changing habits, is not easy to do as they are automatic or “conditioned” responses. When we set these new year resolutions, we make them, and usually it is something large and vague, like “exercise” or “loose weight” and we don’t make it realistic or replace the old habits with new ones.

So I’ve stopped making them.

I do however, have goals for personal, family, health, business, friends, soul etc. and try and amend the way of achieving them if I see that something may not have worked too well in the past year.

My lessons of 2017 were many. My challenges, even more. What I know for sure, is that “niceness” does not need to be replaced with “bitchiness” and “bullies” well, you get a huge F**K you as I start trusting my instincts more.

The past year was one of my most challenging and most growth-defining years in hindsight.

I’ve also learned that limitation is all in the mind and many new resources such as Jim Kwik, a brain coach,  or Tony Robbins shares amazing tools to help remove self-limiting beliefs.

So, goals for 2018, have been set. My husband and I actually set them together. Some joint goals as a family and a couple and individual ones, so we are aware of the year ahead.

This year, I turn 40 years old. Am I freaking out, not at all.

I have goals I need to achieve and turning 40 is not on the list, not even slightly.

Wishing us all a better 2018. I believe that the year has already started off better than it did in 2017 and I intend to keep my eye on the prize. What is the prize?

I’ll never tell.