Most impressionable quote at the DWEN Summit

I’ve always believed that in order to do lots of good in the world, one has to do well. At the DWEN Summit I attended in Cape Town last week, this belief was flipped around by Ashish Thakkar who believed that if you “do well you will do good“. I love this philosophy so much more.

I then researched this phrase and it’s been around for ages and used in various ways.

As I am going through a challenging period at work, I haven’t been thinking about the good I do or the happiness and laughter that I usually am all about doing and sharing.

So … to share some inspiration – Ashish Thakkar’s book is available on Amazon and shares the true story of a booming Africa often not seen by media’s hunger to sell stories of negativity instead of hope and growth.

To spread happiness, unless you’re easily offended, watch some of Amy Schumer’s stand up or if you looking for something less “offensive” watch some of James Corden’s karaoke carpool, here is one of my favorites or Ellen always manages to make me laugh and cry. Subscribe to her YouTube channel and be inspired everyday

As Ellen would say “be kind to one another”. Thank you Ellen, I needed to hear that from you today.

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Shana Derman