Entrepreneurship hockey stick or heart rate monitor?

Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted “they” say. Who the hell are “they”? Irrespective of who “they” may be, experience tells me “they” may be right. However, with the major down cycles are major up cycles.

I started my first business in 2004 with two co-founders. One CTO and one CEO and I was …. Operations “Manager” I think. Being offspring to two entrepreneurial parents who were on opposite spectrums of the scale (too risk averse and too careless), I am trying my best to be like neither of them were.

My first real dive into being an entrepreneur was by accident, I kind of fell into it, but seemed like home. Ever since, I have been in the tech-preneur space in some shape or form.

I’ve worked for corporate giants such as global insurance companies and the largest local media publisher to name a few, but I always gave and wanted more.

This year, I can honestly say I am being stretched to my limits and beyond, but what this is showing me is that my limits are stretchable. I can and do stretch. I can and do adapt. I can and do go the extra mile even though it may be unpleasant.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Neale Donald Walsch quoted the phrase and it resonates with me oh so much. And with each new phase or challenge, I always want and try to see the opportunity, which is there for me to find.

So lesson to myself today, always keep my eye on the vision. Always realise that I have grit. Always remember that entrepreneurship is a choice that not many people do and succeed at without perseverance, determination and most importantly, passion.