State of the nation

Personally I’m not keen on politics. Too many ways to interpret (even though there are hard rules governing) and too many self-proclaimed prophets.

What I can say is that the messaging about how we engage on Friday 8th April 2017’s nationwide shutdown (and the effects on the economy and especially those who can’t afford to stay away from) remains to be seen.

Personally, I see the point being (irrespective of political party or ideas), that it will show a measure of solidarity in the same way that wearing black on Monday past would show silent solidarity to strangers by simply wearing the same colour.

However, in my opinion, too many people are quick to take to social media and not fast enough to make their voices heard by signing petitions or taking to the streets. I’ve signed every petition, but will I march on Friday? No.

Why? My son’s school is closing down as all the teachers have been warned to stay away and I am not willing to protest with my 3.5 year-old in tow. I will however be there in spirit, sign and share whatever I need to show that I support and feel the way the rest of South Africa does.

We need a new President.

  • One who puts the needs of the country ahead of his own.
  • One who leads by example.
  • One who we can trust.

Can such a person be found? Can a new dawn come to being? Anything is possible. We just need to want it enough and more importantly, we need to do it in a manner that has integrity and honour. Going from one poor leadership style by not following the democratic way, would be seen as counter-intuitive.

I am hoping that the nation pulls together, irrespective of Political party and/or agenda. I am hoping that the political parties for once, put the needs of the country together. There are too many people in lack, too many suffering and too many paying the price.

South Africa, let’s show the world how democratic we can be.

#SouthAfrica, you are a beautiful soul. I hope you continue …. to be.