Giving is easy, or so I thought until 2008 when I decided to host a Toy Drive ( to raise toys (we can discuss what constitutes a toy in another post (“,)) for orphanages and hospitals.

I’ve always respected those who live for others, but until this point, I had no idea what this actually meant.
Those who give selflessly to others should be commended. The care-givers, social workers and mothers of the world should be awarded with badges of honor.

To give more of oneself and not ask for anything in return is something a truly self-less person can do. Personally, until this point, I’ve always seen myself as self-less and giving. Since then, I realise that I am not selfish, but could do more of giving selflessly.

This I intend doing from this day on. I plan to do what I can, when I can and start with the little things such as donate my time where it is requested. So, here’s to the future, may we all give selflessly and help those who cannot help themselves (“,).

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