Life lessons cannot be paid for. Most times they can be the most unpleasant of experiences but the end result, is mostly one of growth, discovery and learning. Since my 30th birthday, life has been teaching me many, many – oh many lessons (as I say this, picture me slamming my hand against my head, uttering ‘why-why-why’ in a slightly insane tone :)”.

Post my 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th and 35th birthday, lessons intensified.

BUT wait…….. I can honestly say that after 38 years of being on this planet (we all know I am not from here ;-), ssshhh), I am more me now than I have ever been. Yes, I have changed, but some of me will always be the same (nutty and flavorsome, yes, I plan to stay).

So, my lessons to me (and you, in the event it does slip my mind #funny) is this:

  • In times of challenge, when we are looking for answers by drowning ourselves in tubs of ice-cream, wine, sex and chocolate (really, no! not all at once #gross), and friends seem to have vanished remember this, even if I could find someone to talk to, in the end, the way I move forward is my choice.
  • I will cry if I need to, but then, move on
  • music has the ability to change any mood, it helps me laugh it makes me cry, but helps me through times of need
  • I have found a new love, in running. Whenever I feel frustrated, I head to the gym. I am surprised at what a 20 minute stint can do.
  • Through all my challenges, I have met the man of my dreams, Blue – he is amazing, he challenges me as well, but this is okay (good for my development), I adore him and he is worth all the challenge life has thrown my way.
  • As long as my hair is looking great, I feel great.
  • I have a few pairs of sexy shoes to make me feel, well, sexy.
  • Last two points really well point (lol) to doing what I need to do to make me feel good. Tony Robbins contributes his success to ‘state management’ and I am on a mission to learn how to do this as well.

So, I hope my challenges and lessons have been entertaining and helpful. As I learn, I plan to share, who knows what happens next, all I can be sure of, is that in this adventure called life, once has to “carpe” the “diem” else, what is it all for?

Love and light,

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